What’s a DHO in Basketball? (Dribble Hand Off Defined)

For those who’re watching a basketball recreation on TV, you could hear an analyst speaking a few DHO.

A “DHO” is an abbreviation for “dribble hand off.”

A well-liked offensive idea used in any respect ranges of the sport.

However when ought to a dribble hand off be used? And is it truly efficient?

Let’s dive into these questions under:

What’s a DHO in Basketball?

The DHO or “dribble hand off” is an offensive tactic that includes one participant actually handing the basketball off to a teammate.

This motion is efficient as a result of the participant handing the ball off acts as an instantaneous screener.

When executing a DHO, there must be virtually no area between the 2 gamers.

That approach, if the receiver makes use of the dribble hand off appropriately, it will likely be tough for the receiver’s defender to maintain good guarding place as they’re going to must navigate the display screen.

So in a way, a DHO is just like a ball display screen.

The passer turns right into a screener and might roll to the ring, come out, or transfer to a different space of the ground identical to they might in a conventional pick-and-roll.


When to Use a Dribble Hand Off

DHOs are sometimes executed outdoors of the paint to keep up good offensive spacing.

Groups can use DHOs to:

1. Create movement – Dribble handoffs can create a bonus that can assist generate motion and movement in your offense.

2. Assault downhill – The participant receiving the ball can flip the nook and assault the ring, which places a number of stress on the assistance defenders.

3. Create mismatches – Identical to in an everyday pick-and-roll, generally groups will change on DHOs which is able to create a mismatch that good offensive gamers can exploit.

4. Free a participant from a defender – If in case you have a participant who’s being face-guarded by the opposition, utilizing a DHO to free them up may be an efficient tactic.

Dribble Hand Off Examples:

The DHO is extremely efficient when used appropriately.

Listed below are a number of examples of groups utilizing the dribble hand off to create open photographs:

And within the video under this, you may see different methods a DHO may be efficient:

Instructing the Dribble Hand Off

First, it is essential to notice that there’s a lot of room for error in dribble hand offs.

Right here are some things that may go flawed:

1. Shifting screens – If the passer fingers the ball off after which retains shifting right into a display screen, an unlawful display screen may be referred to as and end in a turnover.

2. An excessive amount of area – If there’s an excessive amount of area between the passer and the participant receiving the handoff, a defender can get in between and steal the ball.

3. Dangerous handoffs – The passing participant can throw the ball too exhausting, behind the participant, or make different errant passes which might all result in turnovers and quick breaks on the opposite finish.

To make sure the above eventualities don’t occur, DHOs must be practiced commonly.

Suggestions for the Passer:

Keep underneath management – If the passer doesn’t stay underneath management, that’s when shifting screens and offensive fouls can occur.

Dribble on the defender – The passer ought to dribble on the participant he’s going to be ‘screening.’

Make a clear handoff – A hand off is a brief cross (therefore the identify hand off), so the passer wants to make sure that he’s making a clear handoff to the participant receiving the ball.

Suggestions for the Receiver:

Set your man up – Simply as gamers set their cuts up earlier than utilizing screens, the participant receiving the ball ought to set his man up, as properly.

Permit minimal area – The participant receiving the ball wants to make sure that there’s just about no area between he and the passer so the protection can’t get within the center and get a steal.

Learn the protection – Because the participant receives the ball, he’ll must see what the protection is doing to know tips on how to assault. Under, we’ll discuss how defenses guard DHOs.

It can take repetition and follow for gamers to get good at executing dribble hand offs, and small-sided video games are a good way to work on them.


Tips on how to Defend the DHO

Maybe you landed on this text to not discover ways to execute a DHO…

However to be taught tips on how to defend the motion when opposition groups run it in opposition to you.

The way in which the protection guards a DHO will dictate what benefits the offense will get out of the motion, so it is essential to weigh up the tradeoffs and determine what you need your group to do.

Listed below are a number of choices to protect a dribble hand off:

a. Change

That is sometimes the only technique to guard a dribble hand off.

The gamers guarding the passer and the participant receiving the ball will change.

The tradeoff — This selection will create mismatches.


b. Go Underneath

The defender guarding the participant receiving the cross will go beneath the passer.

This motion is usually used if the receiver is not thought of a lot of a capturing risk.

The tradeoff — The receiver can have an open shot.


c. Go Over

The defender guarding the participant receiving the cross will go over the passer.

This motion is used if the protection is apprehensive a few participant being shooter.

The tradeoff — The receiver can have an open lane to the ring.


Dribble Hand Off Counters

Groups that plan to run a number of DHOs on offense ought to have a number of “counters” and variations able to preserve the protection on their toes.

These counters embody:

a. Backdoor Minimize

When the protection overplays the receiver and makes an attempt to forestall the handoff, the receiver can lower backdoor in direction of the basket and obtain the cross.


b. Re-Display

As quickly because the handoff happens, the participant who handed the ball can set one other ball display screen so the ball-handler can assault in the wrong way.

The re-screen is an effective counter in opposition to groups who go underneath the DHO.


c. Faux Handoffs

The participant who’s in possession of the ball will dribble at their teammate as ordinary…

However as an alternative of delivering them the ball, they may pretend the handoff and shortly assault the ring.

Generally the protection will “cheat” on the play to decelerate the receiver, so a pretend handoff and fast assault might result in a large open drive and rating.



The dribble hand off in basketball is a broadly used offensive tactic.

When ran appropriately, the DHO may be very efficient because it additionally acts as a display screen.

For those who plan so as to add them to your offense, make sure that to follow in opposition to the other ways to defend a DHO, and in addition make sure that your gamers perceive the totally different counters.

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