Play Design Classes from Steve Kerr

Head Coach Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors execute a few of the most original actions as ATOs within the NBA. A lot of this is because of their roster composition and having elite catch and shoot threats as stars. Like a lot of the NBA, most of their ATO actions are organized into numerous collection. On this article, we’re going to study their Weak collection and the way Coach Steve Kerr tweaks the ending motion to create selection and unpredictability whereas additionally sustaining simplicity.

Weak was popularized by the San Antonio Spurs and is now seen in any respect ranges of basketball. The motion is initiated with a wing entry and shallow lower. The weak facet wing cuts by and units a cross display screen for the participant ready within the weak facet dunker spot. After the preliminary entry, the play can finish in numerous completely different actions. Right here is an instance:

The important thing to how Head Coach Steve Kerr creates unpredictability in Weak is within the ending motion. After the preliminary entry and cross-screen, there are a variety of various actions that the offense can presumably stream into. It is very important train gamers what cues the protection can provide and learn how to react to them. By reacting to how the protection is guarding the cross display screen, the offense can create bigger benefits by punishing their defensive determination quite than operating the identical scripted finish motion every time.


We’re going to study three clips from the Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors. Every of the three clips has a special ending motion that’s cued by how the protection guards the cross-screen. The purpose of the offense is to create the most important benefit potential. So as to take action, coaches want to offer gamers freedom inside the construction to make selections to punish the protection. If the motion is identical every time, the offense can not punish how the protection is guarding them. As nicely, coaches must information gamers to see the cues the protection provides.

Within the first clip above, the offensive participant goes over the cross display screen whereas the defender goes underneath. By sprinting into the ball display screen towards the center, the screener is ready to arrive alone as a result of separation created by the cross display screen. This causes the defender to be late attending to correct positioning within the drop protection and opens up the pocket go to the curler.

Within the second clip, the offensive participant goes underneath the display screen as a result of defender on the cross screener being on the excessive facet able to bump the cutter. The screener sprints into an open ball display screen this time, once more creating separation from their defender. Each this and the final clip are nice examples of learn how to stop each Ice and numerous aggressive coverages, like a tough hedge, by creating separation for the screener.

Within the final clip, the offensive participant once more goes underneath the display screen as a result of defender on the cross display screen being on the excessive facet. The defender on the cutter finally ends up getting caught within the display screen which causes a change. As a substitute of sprinting right into a ball display screen, the cutter posts up. The participant who units the cross display screen receives a down display screen. A key educating level can be to try to decelerate to create a deeper sealer if the change is acknowledged early sufficient.

Resolution Cues

The important thing to creating selection in any motion is introducing the reads or cues that gamers must search for. On this motion, the important thing learn is made by the participant receiving the cross-screen. As seen in these clips, the cutter should learn to find out what’s the path of least resistance. The preliminary learn is the positioning of their very own defender. Because the display screen is arriving, the cutter should additionally learn the place the screener’s defender is. If the defender is in place to bump on both facet, the offensive participant ought to attempt to get to the other facet. Lastly, if the protection switches, the cutter can publish as much as punish the mismatch. 

To summarize, listed here are the three selections: 

Educating the Motion

By making the motion random, it permits gamers to learn the cues introduced by the protection to create the most important benefit potential. With a view to study the selections, gamers should expertise the sport context by small sided video games and stay 5-on-5 play. Coaches may also help offensive determination making by serving to practice the gamers eyes to acknowledge the mandatory cues with a purpose to punish the protection.

The motion might be taught utilizing a 3-on-3 small sided recreation. On this instance, the motion begins with the ball already on the wing. The crew on offense stays for 3 possessions in a row. The protection might be instructed to offer a special learn every possession with a purpose to practice the offense to acknowledge the cues of how the protection is guarding. By doing so, it permits the offense to see the variations between the probabilities of how the protection can guard the cross display screen.

Steve Kerr

As might be seen, selection and unpredictability might be added by merely permitting the offense to make selections based mostly upon how the protection is guarding the motion. By studying the cues the protection offers, the offense could make the protection all the time flawed. Try extra ATO concepts from Wes Unseld Jr. right here:


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