Sustaining Offensive Benefit in Basketball

Let’s start by defining what an offensive benefit seems to be like. I exploit the next terminology to assist gamers in any respect ranges from youth to professional perceive what a bonus seems to be like. 

What Does an Benefit Look Like?

A positional benefit is when the defender’s positioning results in a bonus alternative. This may very well be a smaller benefit such because the defender on the offensive participant’s shoulder or a small distance away, or a much bigger benefit with the defender a sizeable hole away from the offensive participant. Positional benefit alternatives are most sometimes seen in close-out conditions, or if the defender is shifting at pace and never utterly chest-to-chest (impartial). 

A person benefit may very well be a match-up benefit equivalent to a giant being guarded by a small within the low put up (mouse) or a small being guarded by a giant on the perimeter (some groups name this “elephant” within the NBA, however I exploit Zico Coronel’s “turtle” phrasing). Whereas these may result in apparent static 1 on 1 alternatives to transform the benefit, any dimension benefit the offensive participant possesses over their verify results in extra alternatives to take photographs which can not usually be potential.

A numerical benefit is conditions equivalent to a 1v0, 2v1, 3v2 and so on. Whereas these are most typical in transition, some coverages can result in non permanent numerical benefits being created. As an illustration, a 2 on 1 is created in a Decide and Roll whereas taking part in vs a drop protection, whereas a 3 on 2 or 4 on 3 may very well be created taking part in in opposition to a hedge if the ball handler passes the ball into the screener on a brief roll. 

A spacial benefit is conditions the place the offense has numerous area equivalent to 1v1 in transition. Though the defender could also be in additional impartial positioning (chest-to-chest), the elevated area the offense has by means of the dearth of different gamers may put them at a slight benefit. 


Dominoes could be outlined because the second a bonus seems and we drive and kick or transfer the ball to get an important shot.

Ross McMains’ good dominoes idea serves as a enjoyable and contemporary analogy for serving to gamers perceive offensive benefit. Utilizing the time period dominoes helps gamers perceive that the goal of offense is to transform the benefit as soon as it seems by protecting the dominoes falling till the sequence ends. Whereas the objective is to get the final domino to fall in a optimistic method by taking an important shot (I exploit the ROB framework of Vary, Open, Stability), much less fascinating endings may happen from poor shot choice or a turn-over.  Different dominoes risks embrace the alternative of Ross’ dominoes guidelines. These could be taking poor first contact selections, spacing which permits 1 defender to protect 2, and clogging the paint after a drive.

Ending Dominoes Possessions

From my expertise teaching in several nations throughout Europe, benefit generally is a tough phrase to know. The phrase for dominoes in every nation is commonly very near the English and one thing specifically which resonates with youngsters. I don’t distinguish between a small benefit and large benefit anymore. I discover that giving the goal of ending each dominoes possession with a ROB shot helps gamers perceive these ideas sufficient. It’s additionally vital to keep in mind that ROB is completely different for each participant, as not everybody must shoot large benefit photographs. For a superb shooter even at U16’s, capturing when in a small benefit state the place the protection can not alter the shot is a passable consequence.

A method I assist gamers perceive that is for them to image a set of dominoes, with the final domino to fall being referred to as “ROB.” This implies it makes no distinction whether or not we get a protracted dominoes possession with a number of drive, kick, further sequences or a brief possession with a set off and one move. Typically the shorter possessions could be only if it ends within the ROB shot.

Even when the end result is a miss, it is very important encourage the behaviour and the trouble of the group in having the ability to constantly produce ROB photographs. Along with ROB, the shot threshold and high quality of the FG try additionally must be mentioned with the group to find out what kind of shot a GREAT shot actually is.

Phases of the Sport

Three levels exist for the offense inside any explicit possession: 

Benefit (Dominoes): the 4 sorts as outlined above: positional, particular person, numerical or spatial.

Impartial: not one of the 4 varieties of benefit exist. I.e. the protection are matched up with even numbers, like for like personnel, and the on-ball defender in a chest-to-chest relationship not giving up an apparent driving route.

Drawback: some coaches contemplate two defenders on the ball to be a bonus (e.g. a entice). I do contemplate this to really be a drawback: it solely turns into a bonus if the ball leaves the offensive participant’s palms and is efficiently handed to a teammate making a 4 on 3 scenario. Be aware {that a} lifeless ball in opposition to a very aggressive defender may be a drawback state. 

In these completely different states the offense is all the time working to create benefits whereas the protection is making an attempt to maintain the offense neutralised. Watch the video under to see how we outline benefit at Basketball Immersion:

Why is Dominoes Essential?

One thing which surprises me is how usually gamers of all ranges from U14 to professional are usually not clear with what the aim of offense is. This may even be seen in video games on the NCAA and sure professional ranges with gamers working actions and units with out trying to hunt a bonus by means of beating the protection. If coaches use the dominoes framework perceive the goal of offense, it helps gamers from as younger as 13 years outdated grasp offensive ideas which is able to stick with them for his or her entire careers, no matter what offensive system their coach runs. The goal of offense may due to this fact be succinctly described as “working collectively to begin and convert a number of dominoes sequences as usually as potential.” Be aware that this might imply capturing on the primary move if a ROB shot exists from this motion. So usually I hear coaches deem good offense as being when the ball enters the paint or modifications sides however these are merely indicators, NOT figuring out elements. If we get a ROB shot with out one among these two issues occurring does it imply it was a ‘dangerous’ offensive possession? 

It’s important for extra youth gamers and coaches to concentrate on what dominoes seems to be like and the significance of continually referring again to those reference factors. Luckily increasingly coaches at the moment are doing an important job at understanding and emphasising the significance of discovering and creating a bonus, however what about educating it?

Benefit Begins

Throughout the conventional expertise coaching trade, static 1 on 1 is extraordinarily well-liked. In actuality, there are just a few particular gamers even on the highest ranges of the NBA and WNBA who can constantly create dominoes sequences doing this. Usually this implies utilizing fast two and three particular person actions referred to as triggers to create dominoes conditions except there’s a scenario taking part in in opposition to a group that includes a participant who’s an excessive defensive legal responsibility. 

For youthful gamers and rookies, it’s important to present them a bonus as a result of it permits gamers to have a substantial amount of success in addition to creating selections. Their talent degree is just not adequate to create from impartial constantly and they’ll seemingly not have enjoyable if spending lots of time on this state as a result of the success price is restricted. Enjoying with a numerical benefit equivalent to a 2-on-1 or 3-on-2 allows gamers to develop important expertise and benefit from the sport, or utilizing static or dynamic begins which result in positional benefits to drive and assault.

On Immersion, we’ve got numerous completely different concepts for small sided video games you should utilize together with your gamers on the above. On this development, we do need to watch out after we go too far the opposite manner. Some tendencies I’m seeing continuously nowadays embrace:

  • Coaches spending an excessive amount of time taking part in with benefit (I do know this as a result of I used to do it!)
  • At all times utilizing static begins that are unrealistic (I additionally used to do that)
  • Not encouraging gamers to create their very own benefits in full-court actions (responsible of this one too). 

Partially 2 of this weblog, titled “Benefit = Drawback”, we’ll unpack these extra and provide some options for avoiding these pitfalls.

See extra examples of how we created Dominoes conditions with our program School Prep:

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