Tips on how to Shoot a Reverse Layup in Basketball (4-Step Information)

The hanging, spinning reverse layup has discovered its means into the spotlight reels of among the world’s most gifted stars.

A staple of Kobe Bryant’s slashing drives to the ring, the reverse flummoxes huge males and is an indispensable transfer for shorter gamers driving into the paint.

When finished accurately, the reverse layup is nearly unblockable and might be executed in tight areas within the blink of a watch.

When to Use a Reverse Layup:

The reverse layup is one of the simplest ways to counter bigger defenders close to the rim.

In these eventualities, a standard layup would have a excessive chance of being blocked.

The reverse layup permits the ball handler to make use of the rim and their physique as a display, blocking the rim protector and getting the ball off the backboard shortly.

It does have the next diploma of issue than a standard layup and requires very good physique management and tight footwork, so it ought to solely be utilized when crucial.

Tips on how to Do a Reverse Layup:

Step #1: Drive to the Basket

A reverse layup is finest finished with some momentum behind it to hold you to the opposite facet of the rim when you bounce.

Whereas it’s doable to carry out a reverse on a straight line drive to the entrance of the rim, it’s simpler and simply executed on drives alongside the baseline or at an angle.

You want a transparent lane to the ring, so beating your man one-on-one is important.

Getting them in your hip helps protect the ball and provides an additional ingredient they have to undergo to change your shot with out committing a foul.

Step #2: Beat the Rim Protector Baseline

No matter your angle of assault, the reverse is finest finished when you will have the within step on the defender and may beat them to the baseline facet.

This makes it simpler to make use of the rim as a screener to forestall your layup from being blocked.

Step #3: Bounce off Your Baseline Foot

A conventional reverse layup includes gamers leaping off the foot closest to the baseline.

The reverse layup is all about improvisation, nonetheless…

Maybe the rim protector was late rotating over, inflicting the shooter to vary their shot in mid air. Whereas it’s my choice to take off the baseline foot, it’s price working towards each approaches. 

Extra athletic gamers with bigger vertical leaps could “present “ the ball on the close to facet of the rim earlier than transferring the ball to the opposite facet.

This offers the looks that the participant goes up for a standard layup, inflicting the defender to commit, opening up the far facet of the rim, and rising the chance of drawing a foul.

Step #4: Find the Sq. on the Backboard

Essentially the most difficult side for novices, a reverse layup might be disorienting as your angle to the ring and backboard modifications.

Many gamers have the intuition to look down on the ball as they bounce…

However as a substitute, they need to incline their head backward as they journey underneath the rim, in search of the highest of the sq. on the backboard. 

Extra practiced gamers can put extra spin on the ball, permitting them to launch their shot later and from totally different angles to make it even tougher for defenders to cease.

With all of your momentum taking you away from the rim, transferring your vitality up and producing a tender kiss off the backboard is troublesome.

Like a standard layup, get the ball excessive off the glass to create the most important goal and margin for error. Shoot with the hand furthest from the ring, the proper hand on the proper facet, left on the left.

Widespread Reverse Layup Errors

#1 – Shedding Monitor of The place You Are

Understanding your location on the ground is important to mastering the reverse layup.

But as the driving force assaults the rim, it’s straightforward to lose the place the ring is.

Whereas repetition is invaluable, utilizing the markers on the ground may help immensely. 

Educate gamers tips on how to find themselves by the place they’re in relation to the blocks on both facet of the lane, and emphasize how a lot room there may be between the baseline and the backboard.

It’s more room than you assume and getting pinned to the baseline can go away the ball handler with nowhere to go and in an ideal location to get trapped, resulting in turnovers and a quick break the opposite means. 

#2 – Too A lot Spin

The spotlight worthy attraction of the reverse layup simply seduces gamers so as to add an additional twirl or flick of the ball as they shoot for added type factors.

However this can be a troublesome sufficient shot to grasp underneath regular circumstances.

Stress the issue and discourage motions that add pointless challenges.

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Reverse Layup Drills:

Drill #1: Mikan Spins

Stand straight beneath the ring with a ball held above your head.

Alternating sides, bounce straight up, reaching out to the facet of the backboard with the ball.

See how far off the sq. you’ll be able to flick the ball and nonetheless make a basket.

Land and try the identical shot on the opposite facet.

Proceed alternating sides, getting pictures up as shortly as you’ll be able to. 

Along with bettering contact and a really feel for a way a lot spin is required to complete the shot, the hectic tempo helps stimulate the disorientating feeling skilled in recreation. 

Drill #2: Drive Reverse

Place a cone on the elbow and one other close to the block, simply exterior the paint.

Observe numerous dribble strikes to create separation and drive to the skin of each cones. 

Don’t enable the driving force to enter the paint till previous the second cone to simulate a crowded paint with a number of defenders. Observe a number of approaches by transferring the cones to vary the angle.

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Whereas a really troublesome shot, the reverse layup is a crucial instrument for guards and wings to grasp, notably undersized gamers which have hassle difficult taller defenders on the rim.

When mixed with the floater and pull up jumper, it offers guards a trio of pictures of their instrument chest to make use of towards massive rim protectors to stave off thunderous rejections.

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