73 Basketball Drills for Gamers and Coaches (2021 Replace)

Are you searching for basketball drills and video games for teenagers and highschool groups?

Properly, you’ve come to the suitable place!

I steadily obtain emails from coaches who’re sick bored with working the identical drills again and again at follow.

It’s necessary for all coaches to make use of confirmed basketball drills that can enhance their gamers.

Beneath I’ve listed 27 drills and video games, and described them in full element together with how the drills works, the aim, tips on how to set it up, directions, variations, and training factors.

You will discover 50+ extra basketball drills within the hyperlinks beneath every part!

This is a helpful little desk of contents to leap straight to the kind of drills you need.

Basketball Taking pictures Drills

Shooting Drills for Kids

1. Perfects


It is a nice basketball drill for gamers to follow taking pictures with excellent kind and in addition a for coaches to show and proper taking pictures kind.


Gamers kind three traces a few ft out from the basket. Use each ends of the court docket if attainable so that youngsters get to take extra pictures. Each gamers has a basketball.

The way it Works: 

Perfects - Shooting Drill

1. Gamers then take it in turns taking pictures with the intention to swish every shot by means of the web. The swish is necessary as a result of we’re attempting to show the children tips on how to shoot with sufficient arc on the shot.

2. After a participant has taken a shot, they will both return to the tip of the identical line or rotate traces both clockwise or anticlockwise.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers should maintain their taking pictures kind till the shot has been made or missed.
  • Coaches should view every gamers’ shot at totally different angles. Totally different angles will present totally different method factors.
  • You’ll be able to prolong the gap of the shot, however ensure it’s not too far. The aim of this drill is taking pictures with excellent kind across the basket.

2. 21 Cones


’21 cones’ is a variation of the drill ’23 cones’ which is a drill I like to recommend for highschool degree and better.

All gamers are in two groups and every time a participant hits a shot, they’re awarded a cone for his or her workforce.


Place 21 cones on the baseline of 1 finish of the court docket after which cut up your gamers up into two groups. Every workforce has just one basketball.

The way it Works:

21 Cones - Shooting Drill

The 2 groups of gamers shoot from the designated spot. When a shot is made, the shooter is rewarded by being allowed to dash to the opposite finish of the court docket and retrieve a cone for his or her workforce.

The workforce that finishes with essentially the most cones is the winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • Everybody have to be taking pictures. Not simply one of the best shooters on every workforce.
  • In the event you don’t have cones, you possibly can use tennis balls or the rest related.
  • You’ll be able to lower or improve the quantity of cones.

3. Pivot Taking pictures


It is a nice drill for incorporating footwork right into a taking pictures drill that gamers will get pleasure from.

Gamers carry out a soar cease on receiving the go from the coach, pivot round to sq. as much as the basket, after which make a wide range of scoring strikes.


Gamers all begin on the baseline in two traces. There are two coaches/mother and father on the prime of the important thing. One in entrance of every line.

Each participant has a basketball.

The way it Works:

Pivot Shooting - Shooting Drill

Gamers will start the drill by making a chest go out to the coach in entrance of them. Instantly after making the chest go, the participant will explode to the free-throw line the place the coach will go the ball again to them.

After catching the basketball in a soar cease, the participant should should pivot round utilizing good method and sq. as much as the basket earlier than taking pictures or attacking the ring.

The coach decides which scoring transfer they need the gamers to make.

Teaching Factors:

  • Be sure that each participant is soar stopping appropriately. You would possibly must run by means of this with the gamers earlier than working the drill.
  • Gamers shouldn’t elevate up out of their low stance when pivoting.
  • Change up whether or not your workforce assaults the rim or takes a soar cease. Hold it attention-grabbing.

4. Chase Down Layups


Chase down layups is used to show gamers to complete layups at full pace and with strain. Since youth basketball is generally determined by which workforce makes extra layups, it is a basketball drill you should use usually.


The drill begins with two traces of gamers down every finish of the ground. One offensive line and one line of defense.

One basketball begins on the entrance of the offensive line at every finish of the court docket.

The way it Works:

Chase Down Layups - Shooting Drill

The coach begins the drill by bringing the offensive participant out from the baseline and offers them a bonus over the defender who all the time begins on the baseline. It’s as much as the coach’s discretion how far in entrance the offensive participant is.

We wish the offensive participant far sufficient in entrance that they must dash whereas dribbling down the ground after which once they end on the rim there’s shut defensive strain behind them.

Once they’re each arrange, the coach calls out ‘GO’ and each gamers dash to the opposite finish of the ground. The offensive participant should attempt to end on the rim and the defender should strain the shot with out fouling.

The pair then passes the basketball to the subsequent participant in line at their present finish of the ground.

Teaching Factors:

  • No fouling. You don’t want a serious damage whereas working this drill.
  • Change sides of the ground in order that gamers are dribbling and ending with their left hand.
  • Be sure that gamers are attacking the ring on the right angle.

5. Strain


Strain is an easy and enjoyable end-of-practice sport that works on taking pictures free throws whereas beneath strain.


All gamers kind one line on the free throw line.

The drill requires just one basketball.

The way it Works:

Pressure - Shooting Drill

Gamers take it in turns taking pictures free throws.

When a participant makes a free throw, the particular person behind them is put beneath strain. Because of this in the event that they miss, they’re out of the sport.

As soon as somebody makes a shot, the strain continues till somebody misses. As soon as they do, there’s no strain till one other shot is made.

This continues till there’s a winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers usually are not allowed to place one another off. It is going to all the time find yourself in one of many youngsters being upset.
  • Gamers needs to be going by means of their full free throw routine on every shot.
  • Be sure you take part!

Basketball Dribbling Drills

dribbling drills for kids

6. Dribbling Traces


It is a easy drill to show the fundamentals of dribbling to new gamers.

It’s a great way to introduce new strikes with out overwhelming them and also will assist to enhance the strategy of the actions gamers already know.


Each participant has a basketball and contours up on the baseline.

You probably have greater than 8 gamers, create two traces on the baseline as an alternative of 1.

The way it Works:

Dribbling Lines - Dribbling Drill

The coach will instruct the gamers to make use of totally different dribbling actions to dribble as much as both the half-court line or full court docket.

Inform them the dribble motion you wish to be carried out first, after which say ‘go’.

Listed here are a number of that I like to make use of:

  • Proper hand up, left hand again
  • Crossovers
  • Behind-the-back
  • Via-the-legs
  • Dribble low
  • Dribbling backwards

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers should maintain their heads up always.
  • As soon as they develop good method, give attention to the gamers pushing off with their outdoors foot when making a transfer.
  • Write down the dribbling strikes so that you just don’t neglect them. I all the time do!

7. Dribble Knockout


This drill works on ball-handling and defending the dribble.

All gamers dribble round in a small space and the objective is to knock different gamers’ basketball out of the realm whereas retaining your personal basketball alive.


The very first thing the coach should do is decide the realm the gamers will probably be dribbling in. It will rely on the quantity of gamers you may have however will normally be the three-point line or the 1/3 court docket line.

All gamers should have a basketball.

The way it Works:

Dribble Knockout - Dribbling Drill

On the coach’s name, all gamers start dribbling and try to knock one another’s basketball out of the enjoying space.

As increasingly gamers get out, the coach should pause the sport and make the enjoying space smaller. This continues till you may have a winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • If a participant fouls another person, travels, or double dribbles, they’re out. It’s the coach’s job to maintain an eye fixed out for this stuff.
  • Continually remind gamers to maintain their head up.
  • Have a delegated space for gamers that get out otherwise you’ll find yourself with youngsters in every single place!

8. Collision Dribbling


Much like dribble knockout besides gamers aren’t allowed to hit the basketball of the opposite gamers away.

As an alternative, the intention of the drills is to navigate by means of and dodge all the opposite gamers utilizing dribbling strikes and by being artistic with the dribble.


All gamers have a basketball and are in a small house decided by the coach.

The way it Works:

Collision Dribbling - Dribbling Drill

On the coach’s name, all gamers will begin dribbling round one another within the small house aiming to maintain their dribble beneath management.

This basketball drill will enhance ball-handling as a result of gamers should react to different gamers and may’t predetermine their actions. It additionally forces all gamers to maintain their heads up or they’ll run into somebody!

Teaching Factors:

  • Don’t enable gamers to all dribble in the identical path or will probably be too simple.
  • Hold reminding the gamers to maintain their heads up!
  • Encourage gamers to make use of each fingers. Not simply their robust hand.

9. Scarecrow Tiggy


Scarecrow Tiggy is a enjoyable drill that includes everybody dribbling round attempting to keep away from two taggers.

Gamers love this drill and it’s nice for growing ball-handling abilities.


Each participant begins with a basketball and begins within the half court docket besides two gamers who would be the ‘taggers’.

The taggers don’t have a basketball and ideally are sporting totally different coloured singlets in order that different gamers can establish them.

The way it Works:

Scarecrow Tiggy – Dribbling Drill

The drill begins when the coach name’s out ‘GO’.

The taggers then do their finest to tag every participant dribbling a basketball.

When a dribbler is tagged, they have to stand within the place they have been tagged with their legs huge and maintain the ball on prime of their head. They are often freed by different dribblers by rolling the basketball by means of their legs.

This sport by no means has a winner until the taggers occur to get everybody out at one time (this doesn’t occur usually).

Each couple of minutes swap the taggers.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers usually are not allowed to throw the ball between a teammates legs, the ball have to be rolled.
  • Dribblers usually are not allowed to journey, double dribble, or another violation. In the event that they do they’re out.
  • Change up the quantity of taggers and the dimensions of the enjoying house relying on what number of gamers you may have.

10. Dribble Tag


Much like scarecrow tiggy, besides that each one gamers begin with a basketball (even the taggers) and while you’re caught, you’re out and should sit down on the aspect of the court docket.


The very first thing the coach should do is determine on the enjoying. It will rely on the quantity of gamers you may have.

After that, choose two gamers to be taggers and get everybody else to unfold out across the court docket.

The way it Works:

Dribble Tag – Dribbling Drill

When the drill begins, the taggers try to tag as many dribblers as attainable.

When a dribbler is tagged, they’re now out and should wait on the sideline for the remainder of the gamers to be caught.

This continues till there may be one dribbler left and they’re the winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • If the taggers are struggling to tag anybody, contemplate permitting them to run round with out having to dribble a basketball.
  • Range the dimensions of the court docket and quantity of taggers relying on the quantity of gamers you may have.
  • If a dribbler commits a dribbling violation, they’re routinely out.

11. Sharks and Minnows


Sharks and Minnows is one in all my favourite video games for youth practices.

The intention of the sport is for the minnows (dribblers) dribble from baseline to baseline with out getting tagged by the sharks (taggers).


The drill begins with you deciding on one or two ‘sharks’ who would be the taggers.

Everybody else will begin on the baseline and have a basketball. These are the ‘minnows’.

The way it Works:

Sharks and Minnows – Dribbling Drill

On the coach’s name, the minnows should try to dribble to the opposite baseline with out getting tagged by a shark.

If a shark does tag them, they have to stand within the spot they have been tagged, place the basketball between their ft, and now are scarecrows. If a minnow comes inside attain of them, they will tag them to get them out.

The final participant alive that hasn’t been tagged is the winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • As all the time, if there’s a dribbling violation by a minnow they’re instantly out.
  • Scarecrows should maintain the ball between their ft always and keep on steadiness. This stops them shifting too far and dishonest.
  • Implement a time restrict if gamers are taking too lengthy to get from one aspect to the opposite.

Basketball Passing Drills

Passing Drills for Kids

12. Accomplice Passing


Accomplice passing teaches absolutely the fundamentals of passing and permits your gamers to follow various kinds of passes and the proper method.

An excellent drill for teenagers starting to be taught the sport of basketball.


Gamers get into pairs and may have one basketball between them.

As soon as the gamers are in pairs, they have to stand on a line parallel from their companion.

The way it Works:

Partner Passing – Passing Drill

The coach will clarify which sort of go they need carried out after which the gamers will go again and fourth to one another.

Each minute or so the coach can change the kind of go the gamers are performing or improve the gap they’re aside if it’s too simple.

Teaching Factors:

  • Be sure you combine up which sort of go you need them to carry out (bounce go, chest go, one-handed push-pass, ect).
  • Don’t enable gamers to be foolish and throw the basketball too laborious at their companion. It is going to find yourself with blood noses.
  • Be sure that all coaches are instructing the identical passing method so the children don’t get confused.

13. Stationary Keepings Off


This important objective of this drill is to show the fundamentals of spacing between gamers and in addition to show resolution making on the catch.

When gamers are younger everyone knows they always dash in the direction of the basketball. By retaining them stationary on this drill, we present them that it’s simpler to maintain the ball away from the protection if we’re unfold aside.


Choose one or two gamers to be the defenders and get the remainder of your gamers to unfold out in a small space just like the three-point line.

The workforce on offense will solely want one basketball.

The way it Works:

Stationary Keepings Off – Passing Drill

When the drill begins, the defenders will run round attempting to steal the basketball from the offensive workforce. The defenders objective is to get a deflection or a steal.

The offensive gamers should keep in a single house and go the ball round to one another retaining the basketball away from the defenders.

After a minute or two, swap the defenders over.

Teaching Factors:

  • Permit the defenders to dash round wildly. They’ll have enjoyable.
  • Encourage the offensive workforce to make fast choices once they obtain the basketball.
  • Be sure that everyone seems to be getting a flip to go on offense. In the event that they’re not, be part of within the sport and go them the basketball.

14. Rely Em’ Up


This basketball drill is a extra superior model of the keepings off sport.

It really works on getting open, denying the offensive participant, and making good passes to restrict turnovers.


The very first thing it is advisable do is cut up the children up into two even workforce. Ideally the groups are totally different colours in order that they will differentiate between one another in the course of the drill.

The drill includes just one basketball.

The way it Works:

Count Em’ Up – Passing Drill

The very first thing that occurs is that each one gamers should match-up and keep on with their particular person opponent.

The objective of the drill is to maneuver round make a specific amount of passes set by the coach with out the opposition deflecting the basketball or getting a steal. No dribbling or taking pictures allowed.

The quantity of passes that have to be made needs to be between 5 and 20 relying on age and expertise.

Gamers are allowed to maneuver round wherever they need throughout the enjoying space.

If the defenders get a steal or deflect the basketball out of bounds, it turns into their ball and the offense and protection swap roles.

For every time {that a} workforce efficiently makes the sure variety of passes, they get 1 level.

Teaching Factors:

  • Encourage gamers to set screens for one another and use physique fakes to get open.
  • Encourage one of the best gamers to play in opposition to one another and problem one another.
  • Spacing is of the utmost significance. Don’t enable gamers to dash on the basketball.

15. Steady 3 on 2


This is likely one of the finest basketball drills I do know for bettering passing and resolution making.

Because the identify suggests, it’s steady 3 on 2. Having an additional participant on offense signifies that there’s all the time somebody open so long as the offensive workforce retains spaced aside.


The drill begins with 3 offensive gamers in the midst of the court docket, 2 defenders in every half court docket, and the remainder of the gamers standing out of bounds on the half court docket line.

Just one basketball is required for this drill.

The way it Works:

Continuous 3 on 2 – Passing Drill

The three offensive gamers assault two defenders at one finish of the court docket and can both rating or the defensive gamers will get the basketball.

As soon as the 2 defensive gamers get the basketball (both by steal, rebound, or as a result of the offensive workforce scored), they outlet to the subsequent participant in line at half approach who sprints in to assist advance the ball.

The 2 defenders now develop into offensive workforce they usually get an additional participant from the sideline to provide them 3 gamers. They now assault in the direction of the opposite finish of the court docket 3 on 2.

As for the three earlier offensive gamers, 2 of them develop into the subsequent defenders and 1 of them joins the tip of the out of bounds line.

This course of repeats for a set period of time.

Teaching Factors:

  • Be sure that the offensive gamers are staying spaced on the ground in order that they will get open seems to be.
  • There’s no cause the offensive workforce shouldn’t be taking an open shot.
  • If you wish to make the drill extra superior, don’t enable the gamers to dribble the basketball.

Basketball Footwork Drills

Footwork drills for Kids

16. 4 Corners


It is a nice drill for engaged on soar stops, pivoting, and passing.

It is going to enable the coach to show the totally different sorts of pivots and is a drill the gamers get pleasure from doing.


The coach should first create a big sq. within the half-court by inserting 4 cones an excellent distance aside. There should even be one other cone or D-man within the actual center of the sq.. You’ll be able to see the place I like to recommend inserting these cones within the diagram.

Break up your workforce up into 4 teams and ship every group to a cone. The cones would be the beginning place for every line.

The particular person on the entrance of every line has a basketball.

The way it Works:

Four Corners – Footwork Drill

The very first thing the coach should do is inform the gamers which approach they’ll be passing (both proper or left) and which sort of pivot they need to use.

When the coach calls out ‘go’, every participant with a basketball dribbles in in the direction of the center cone, performs a soar cease a few ft away, pivots, after which passes to the subsequent line earlier than becoming a member of the tip of it.

The subsequent participant within the that catches the basketball doesn’t begin till the coach has known as out ‘go’ once more.

Teaching Factors:

  • Every participant have to be pivoting the identical path in order that two balls don’t find yourself being handed to at least one line. Do ensure to reverse the path half approach by means of the drill.
  • Use entrance and reverse pivots and ensure gamers aren’t touring.
  • Clarify to the gamers it’s higher to leap cease with a small hop. The upper they soar, the extra off-balance they’ll be once they land.

17. Purple Gentle, Inexperienced Gentle


It is a easy however efficient drill that can enhance and help you educate soar stops and pivoting.

I’ve used this basketball drill with each single youth workforce I’ve coached.


The drill begins with each participant line up alongside the baseline holding a basketball.

You probably have greater than 10 gamers, I like to recommend creating two traces.

The way it Works:

Red Light, Green Light – Footwork Drill

Everybody begins on the baseline in triple risk place.

The coach will then lead the gamers up the court docket by calling out ‘go’ and ‘cease’. On go, the gamers start dribbling at a snug tempo in the direction of the alternative finish of the court docket. When the coach says cease, the gamers should instantly carry out a soar cease.

This continues till the gamers attain the opposite finish of the court docket.

As soon as your gamers are comfy with the soar stops and are performing them appropriately, you can also make the drill extra superior by including pivots.

You’ll be able to both say ‘pivot’ and permit them to pivot both approach. Otherwise you might be particular and say ‘proper foot pivot’ or ‘left foot pivot’.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers should not soar too excessive on the soar stops.
  • Be sure that gamers in good stance once they land after the soar cease. Knees bent and head up.
  • If including pivots, ensure gamers don’t elevate out of their stance when pivoting.

18. Explode, Pivot, Move


This drill focuses on primary footwork fundamentals. It’s a very fast and easy drill to run. Your workforce can get quite a lot of profit out of it even when it’s solely run for five minutes.


Gamers get into teams of two or extra. I favor 3 gamers in every group if attainable.

Every group has one basketball and may begin in a straight line behind both the sideline or the baseline.

The way it Works:

Explode, Pivot, Pass – Footwork Drill

The participant beginning with the basketball should start the drill behind the road in triple risk stance.

Their first motion is to take two explosive dribbles out from the road after which carry out a managed soar cease.

After the soar cease, the participant pivots 180 levels till they’re going through their group and makes a powerful chest go to the subsequent particular person in line. They then jog to the tip of the road.

The three important issues coaches are taking a look at are:

1. No touring when exploding off the dribble.
2. A managed soar cease.
3. A managed pivot.

This course of continues for a set period of time.

Teaching Factors:

  • The participant receiving the basketball needs to be beginning in a low stance and displaying goal fingers.
  • Gamers should explode out with the dribble. Don’t enable them to go half-speed.
  • Change up which sort of pivot the gamers use. It may be ahead or reverse, and with their left or proper foot.

Basketball Defensive Drills

Defense Drills for Kids

19. Defensive Mirrors


It is a enjoyable drill for engaged on defensive footwork.

The drill requires gamers to imitate their companion’s actions which is nice for growing reactions whereas engaged on defensive footwork.

The one drawback with this drill is that solely two folks can go without delay so when you have a big group it won’t be applicable.


Everybody begins by discovering a companion and standing in pairs behind the baseline.

You probably have one other coach, it’s finest to make use of each ends of the court docket.

For this instance, we’ll use the parallel traces of the important thing, however when you have two different parallel traces on your property court docket, you should utilize them too.

The way it Works:

Defensive Mirrors – Defense Drill

The primary pair comes out and units themselves up instantly reverse one another on the 2 parallel traces of the important thing.

The coach then assigns one in all them the offensive participant and the drill begins instantly.

The objective of the defensive participant is to remain instantly consistent with the offensive participant. The offensive participant should work laborious to attempt to separate themselves from being consistent with the defender by sliding up and down the road of the important thing.

After 15 seconds, the coach calls out ‘swap’ and the 2 gamers swap roles.

After 30 seconds they step behind the baseline and two new gamers are available in.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers should keep in a low defensive stance with their fingers out huge your complete time of the drill.
  • Encourage the offensive participant to make use of head fakes and fast adjustments of tempo to throw the defender off.
  • Be sure you cowl what good defensive stance is earlier than working this drill.

20. Defensive Specialist


Defensive Specialist is a steady drill that works on the totally different defensive actions gamers will make on protection together with closeouts, defensive sliding, back-pedalling, and sprinting.


Because it’s laborious to elucidate the place the cones and actions are by writing, I encourage you to try the picture related to this drill for higher comprehension.

You’ll require 4 D-men or cones for this drill.

All gamers start in a straight line on the baseline.

The way it Works:

Defensive Specialist – Defense Drill

All gamers line up in a straight line on the baseline. Gamers carry out this defensive course one-by-one.

The primary motion is a dash after which shut out to the cone in entrance. The participant then back-pedals round a cone instantly behind them, after which slides throughout to the opposite aspect of the court docket.

When the primary defender slides previous the road, that triggers the subsequent participant in line to begin the drill.

When the primary defender has slid across the cone on the opposite aspect of the court docket, they once more dash to shut out, after which as soon as once more slide to the alternative aspect of the court docket earlier than returning to the tip of the road.

Relying on the quantity of gamers you may have, run this drill for 3 – 5 minutes.

Teaching Factors:

  • Gamers have to be sprinting and sliding at 100% effort all through your complete drill.
  • Maintain the shut out for a second or two earlier than shifting on.
  • Be sure that all defensive footwork is completed nicely since it is a essential a part of the drill.

21. One-on-One


I really like utilizing one-on-one basketball drills at follow to show each protection and offense.

By enjoying one-on-one, we’re forcing the on-ball defender to must ‘guard their yard’. There’s no assist protection coming. They’re on their very own and should keep in entrance and problem the shot.


This drill begins with two gamers on the free-throw line or prime of the important thing relying on age and expertise.

The defensive participant begins with the basketball.

The opposite gamers wait behind them close to half-way.

Use each ends of the basketball court docket when you have two coaches in order that gamers get to play extra usually.

The way it Works:

One-on-One – Defense Drill

To begin the drill, the defender fingers the basketball to the offensive participant. By handing the basketball to the offensive participant, it ensures that the defender is difficult themselves by beginning up near the offensive participant as an alternative of standing again enjoying lazy protection.

The offensive participant then has a most of two or 3 dribbles to assault the ring and get a transparent shot.

Offensively, this drill teaches gamers to not waste their dribble and teaches them tips on how to assault a defender one on one.

Defensively, gamers will learn to maintain an offensive participant in entrance of them and problem each shot.

After both a make or a miss, a brand new offensive participant is available in, the earlier offensive participant switches to protection, and the earlier defender joins the tip of the road.

Teaching Factors:

  • Be sure you implement the rule of two or 3 dribbles most relying on which you determine. We don’t wish to enable the offensive participant to waste dribbles and time.
  • Encourage the defensive participant to stand up shut and play laborious protection. It doesn’t matter in the event that they get beat a few occasions whereas they’re engaged on defending.
  • Be sure that gamers are utilizing good footwork and good fakes.

22. Zig-Zag Slides


Zig-zag slides are an ideal drill for a starting workforce.

The 2 most necessary issues this drill teaches is tips on how to defensive slide correctly and in addition tips on how to drop step when enjoying protection.


The drill begins with all gamers on the baseline lining up on one of many corners. No participant ought to have a basketball.

No participant ought to have a basketball.

The way it Works:

Zig-Zag Slides – Defensive Drill

The primary participant will defensive slide from the nook to the excessive publish and carry out a 90-degree drop step in order that they’re now sliding again to the alternative sideline.

This strategy of sliding from one aspect to the opposite and drop stepping continues till the participant reaches the alternative baseline.

They arrive again down the alternative aspect of the court docket utilizing the identical rules.

Teaching Factors:

  • Train all gamers tips on how to defensive slide and drop step initially of the drill.
  • Be sure that gamers are in a low stance and don’t have their legs straight.
  • Gamers ought to by no means cross their ft!

Basketball Drills for Enjoyable

Fun Drills for Kids

23. Battle


Battle is a superb drill to include enjoyable small-sided video games into your practices. It’s a collection of small-sided video games between two groups that may be performed in each the complete court docket and half-court.

That is all the time probably the most favourite drills it doesn’t matter what degree I’m teaching.


The drill is about up by splitting your group into two groups and lining every half up alongside reverse sidelines.

For instance, let’s say there are 12 gamers whole and 6 gamers on every workforce. You’ll give the every particular person participant on every workforce a quantity from 1 – 6.

The drill requires one basketball and it all the time begins with the coach.

The way it Works:

War – Fun Drill

The drill begins with the coach throwing a basketball out into the center of the court docket and calling out a number of numbers between 1 and 6.

If the coach needs to play video games of three on 3, they could name out “1, 4, and 5!” If this occurs, numbers 1, 4, and 5 from each groups come out and play a sport of three on 3 till a rating happens.

The coach can play video games with any variety of gamers from 1 on 1 to six on 6.

Teaching Factors:

  • Attempt to match one of the best gamers up in opposition to one another.
  • Throw the basketball out to the benefit of 1 aspect every time since you don’t need gamers working into one another as they scramble for the basketball.
  • End off the drill by calling everybody in!

24. Golden Youngster


Golden little one is one other enjoyable sport that youngsters will find yourself begging you to allow them to play every follow.

It includes splitting up into two groups, a taking pictures workforce and a dribbling workforce, after which the dribbling groups should run across the half-court one-by-one whereas the shooters attempt to get them out.


Step one is to separate your group up into two equally even groups.

The dribbling workforce should all have a basketball and they need to be lining up at one of many corners of the baseline.

The taking pictures workforce may have one or two basketballs and will probably be lined up across the free-throw line or nearer relying on age and ability.

The way it Works:

Golden Child – Fun Drill

The drill begins with the coach calling out ‘go!’ which triggers each groups to begin.

For the dribblers, the objective of the sport is to make as many dwelling run’s as they will. A house run is when a dribbler makes all of it the way in which across the outdoors of the half court docket and again to the road.

The shooters should try to get them out by making a shot. If a shot is made the shooters should name out ‘STOP’ and the present dribbler should freeze. The subsequent dribbler can start instantly when this occurs.

In the event that they make it dwelling, they get one run and may be part of the tip of the road to run once more.

This continues till all of the dribbling gamers are out after which the groups swap roles. The workforce with essentially the most quantity of runs on the finish of the sport wins.

Teaching Factors:

  • The taking pictures workforce gamers should rebound their very own shot and go it again to the subsequent particular person in line.
  • In case your gamers are struggling to make pictures, contemplate splitting the taking pictures workforce in two and placing them on each elbows and even nearer in order that they’ve extra likelihood of scoring.
  • The coach should choose the golden little one or there will probably be upset youngsters!

25. Elimination


Elimination is a sport I usually run to conclude follow.

The objective of the sport is to make your shot earlier than the particular person behind you makes their shot. The primary shot should all the time be from the free throw line however after that may be from wherever on the ground.


All gamers line up in a straight line behind the free throw line.

The primary two gamers in line have a basketball.

The way it Works:

Elimination – Fun Drill

The drill begins with the primary particular person in line taking a shot. In the event that they make it, they shortly rebound their ball and throw it to the subsequent particular person in line. In the event that they miss, they have to rebound the ball and rating as fast as attainable.

As quickly as the primary participant has shot, the second participant can start.

If the participant behind scores earlier than the participant in entrance, the participant in entrance is out.

The drill continues till there may be one particular person left and they’re topped the winner.

Teaching Factors:

  • The particular person in entrance should all the time shoot the basketball first.
  • Gamers can’t deliberately miss the free throw shot off the backboard and lay the basketball in.
  • Don’t be afraid to hitch in!

26. Small-Sided Video games


Do youngsters love something greater than enjoying an actual sport of basketball?

I like to recommend enjoying small-sided video games for the advantages listed right here. Relying on the quantity of gamers you may have, I consider 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 are one of the best small-sided video games to make use of.


Use each halves of the court docket and create small-sided video games relying on the quantity of gamers you may have.

Inform every workforce they have to advance the ball to both half-court or the third line of the court docket when you have one.

Every sport wants one basketball.

The way it Works:

Small-Sided Games – Fun Drill

Begin the sport and allow them to play!

Make changes and workforce adjustments when it is advisable, however I like to recommend attempting to not interrupt an excessive amount of. Let the gamers be taught from their very own errors by expertise.

Teaching Factors:

  • Small-sided video games are one of the best. Click on right here to seek out out why.
  • Cease the sport in case you see a mistake 3 occasions in a row. Till them let the children experiment and be taught on their very own as a lot as attainable.
  • Stress the significance of spacing.

27. Recreation-Winner


This drill is an superior method to end follow on a excessive be aware. Every time I run this drill, the gamers find yourself leaving follow with a smile on their face.

All it’s is one long-distance shot the place, if made, the shooter wins some sort of prize or award.


Relying on the age of your workforce, choose a distance away from the basket that’s outdoors of their comfy taking pictures vary, however shut sufficient that the children can nonetheless throw/shoot the basketball and there’s an opportunity it’ll go in.

All you want is one basketball for this drill.

The way it Works:

For this instance, we’ll say that distance is the half-way line. Get all of the gamers in a single line at half-way they usually every take a single shot.

The gamers that make the shot get a reward from the coach. This could possibly be something from a small prize to being the chief of warm-ups the next week.

Teaching Factors:

  • That is meant to be a enjoyable drill to complete off follow. Be sure you and your gamers are having time!
  • Be sure that there’s a protected space beneath the ring in order that nobody will unintentionally get hit by a missed shot try.
  • The coach ought to take a shot too!

Extra Enjoyable Basketball Hyperlinks:

Take all 27 Basketball Drills to Your Follow

I created a PDF model of this weblog publish in order that you possibly can print off all of the drills and take them to follow.

That approach you’ll all the time have entry to them even in case you don’t have the web.

(I even included an additional 4 drills within the PDF)

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